The Hottest Women in Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Just to be absolutely clear, the women featured in this article are listed in no particular order—this isn’t about comparing them to one another, because they’re all totally unique people and beautiful on so many different levels. SDRnR is simply stating the fact that these are the most beautiful and talented women of rock ‘n’ roll. If you’ve felt we’ve left something off, take your grievances to the comment box below the article. Though don’t expect us to feel obligated to incorporate your choices cause, that’s just like, your opinion man.

Emily Haines

hainess“I’m just as f^@ked up as they say,” Emily Haines of Canadian rock group Metric sang on the first track of the group’s latest album Synthetica. The singer, songwriter and keyboardist can trace her artistic abilities back to a home bursting with music and poetry, developing her talents in an era engrossed with unjustified wars and a puppet media playing its role to support the military industrial complex—something she is vehemently disturbed by if you couldn’t tell by some of her lyrical content. Musically, Emily’s performances are always accompanied by impeccable fashion that accentuates her assets and a wicked stage presence that keeps fans cheering for multiple encores. And she’s been doing it for more than a decade—toasting to the military with an empty glass on Metric’s debut album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? and recently making a statement with Synthetica that though her lyrics may flirt with misery, at least she’s keeping it real—and making it look good.


Paz Lenchantin

Paz+Lenchantin+Paz+in+EntrancePerhaps best known as the original bassist for rock supergroup A Perfect Circle, this Argentine beauty held her own in one of the best hard rock ensembles of the 2000s. As a multi-talented instrumentalist, Paz would put down the bass and pick up a violin for APC’s ballad “Three Libras,” demonstrating her classically trained talents. As if playing beside Maynard James Keenan and Josh Freese wasn’t enough, Paz left one supergroup for another to join Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin in forming Zwan, which produced one mediocre album (Corgan’s fault, not Paz’s) that was met with little praise or fanfare. Paz has gone on to play with a few bands here and there, as well providing her skills as a touring musician, but IMHO, she belongs in an arena rock band. Here’s to hoping for an APC reunion with Paz once again banging out the low frequencies.

Hayley Williams

hayley-williams-paintSince stepping into the limelight at the tender age of 16, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has continuously attracted praise for her larger-than-life stage presence, an extensive messo-soprano vocal range and song lyrics that cut through to the core of female youthful angst. Right off the bat, teenage boys idolized her as their punk-rock dreamgirl, and at the stroke of midnight on December 27, 2006, she officially became hot to adults as well. Though Paramore has gone through a drastic line-up change, Hayley was determined to press on after the departure of the Farro brothers, enlisting new bandmates and producing a self-titled album that’s garnered a generally positive consensus among fans, though their opinions may be a bit biased by their undying love for Hayley.

Bilinda Butcher

3dd0f154af10c96938a6a4d75437e010My Bloody Valentine’s singer and second guitarist, Bilinda Butcher, defined rock goddess in the early 90s. Ireland isn’t particularly known for its abundance of beautiful women, so the Emerald Isle was graced when the Butcher family migrated over from England, blessing them with the country’s first beautiful and talented woman. Bilinda’s whisper-like vocals aren’t front and center in My Bloody Valentine’s sound, and instead are treated as just another sonic texture in the ocean of sound they create. Having not released any material for 22 years since the cult-classic Loveless, fans were delighted when the band finally dropped their third LP m b v in early 2013. Time has been gracious to Bilinda, as her vocals sound as beautiful as ever, and let’s just call it like it is: she’s graduated to cougar with top honors.


Nicole Fiorentino

fiorHell hath no furry like Billy Corgan scorned, but fortunately, he serves his revenge by “living well.” Take for example replacing original (and beautiful) Smashing Pumpkins’ bassist D’arcy Wretzky with the arguably even more beautiful and talented, Nicole Fiorentino. As a seasoned performer, Nicole played bass and contributed vocals for Veruca Salt for seven years before becoming an official member of the Pumpkins and cashing in on an opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s just hope Nicole can continue to stay off Corgan’s s#!t list, cause watching this girl plucking along to some of the heaviest and most memorable songs of the 90s is downright delightful. Oh, and the fishnets. Gotta love the fishnets.


Stevie Nicks

nickssThis witch is downright enchanting, having cast a love spell in 1977 on all post-pubescent males after Fleetwood Mac released Rumors, a work that would go on to sell an astronomical 40 million units worldwide. Sure, the song writing and instrumentation laid the foundation, but Stevie’s lightly rasped voice took it to an ethereal landscape which helped this band in becoming one of the most recognized musical acts of all time. Though they’ve gone on occasional hiatus, the band is still actively touring and even released an EP appropriately titled Extended Play, in early 2013—their first release of original music in more than 10 years. Still, it’d be nice to just hop in a DeLorean stocked with a Flux Capacitor and get to experience her vocal capabilities during the band’s prime.


Fiona Apple

Photo of Fiona APPLEFiona could be on top of the world if she just lightened up a bit and tried to release more than two records per decade. She’s got all the talent in the world and has the face of an angel, and yet she’s just too reclusive to focus 100% of her energy producing the amazing songs she constructs. 2005′s Extraordinary Machine was well-received and left fans yearning for more, but alas, they were forced to wait until the eventual 2012 followup The Idler Wheel… The album kept to her traditional angsty, aggressive sound, but was decorated with brutally honest lyrics—not that she could produce anything less. Fiona is a gentle soul, so much so she cancelled an entire South American tour to stay beside her elderly and ailing dog Janet to ensure she’d be beside her when she eventually passed. This girl’s got heart. And beautiful blue eyes.

St. Vincent

2St.VincentSt. Vincent emerged from music collective The Polyphonic Spree with a demand, not a question: Marry Me. This talented dame first picked up the guitar at age 12 and attended Berklee College of Music where she studied for a few years before dropping out to pursue a music career. Her first solo album Marry Me was released in 2007, followed by Actor in 2009—a collection of songs inspired by the 1930s film versions of Snow White and The Wizard Of Oz. In 2011, St. Vincent dropped Strange Mercy on the world and it said thank you, as the record is her highest-charting album to date. On the surface, St. Vincent’s ladylike demeanor and punk-rock attitude would seem like oil and water, but don’t let the combination of happiness and madness fool you. She walks that line. And in high heels, no less.


Grace Slick

tumblr_mn9pc0UMpU1qks6coo1_500Jefferson Airplane was at the forefront of the psychedelic music movement happening in 1960′s San Francisco. Grace’s strong voice took command of the band’s relatively simple rock songs, turning them into powerful anthems. Her operatic vibrato combined with the vivid imagery of her lyrical content can send chills down one’s spine, especially the climax of “White Rabbit.” This song  might best be remembered by younger generations as the song Dr. Gonzo demanded Raoul Duke play to assist in his suicide during the aforementioned climax, by throwing the still-plugged in tape deck into the bathtub Dr. Gonzo was sulking in, therefore electrocuting him to death in 1997′s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Though truthfully, it wouldn’t be so bad to die while blaring Surrealistic Pillow and letting Grace’s vocals guide you over the bridge from this dimension to the next. 

Teri Gender Bender

genderbenderHand-picked by former Mars Volta leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez as singer of his newest endeavor, Teri Gender Bender is filling a vocal gap in Bosnian Rainbows that Cedrix Bixler-Zavala just couldn’t provide for the Mars Volta. Teri’s live vocals range from delicate to jagged, all while dancing around the stage in awkward body contortions that are best described as a hybrid of traditional ballet and Shaolin Kung Fu. Bosnian Rainbows debuted their self-titled LP in 2013 and regardless of what any butt-hurt TMV fans think, it’s a solid album. The song featured below is a good representation of their softer side and should be enough to entice anyone with a set of good ears to shell out $25 to experience this act before Omar gets bored and moves on to something else. Though when he inevitably does, let’s hope he takes Teri with him cause she’s not only a looker, but a keeper as well.


  • rarnedsoum

    If you can include the ones that you did, I can think of more.
    Courtney Love, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Pat Benatar, Dale Bozzio, Terri Nunn, Kylie Minogue and many more.

  • Jadiwin

    Leaving out Joan Jett is inexcusable. She’s the hottest most rocking woman out there.

  • Robert Jackson

    Agreed, there are many more that can fall into this group. Susanna Hoffs and Orianthi come to mind almost instantly…and Ori’s ability to shred is above all others…

  • josh

    Fail,fail,fail…all kinds of fails going on here. I mean where the fuck is Lzzy Hale,Alissa White-Gluz,Christina Scabbia,Amy Lee,Taylor Momsen,Angela Gossow,Heidi Shepard,Emma Anzai and if you really want to reach Katy Perry(first album was gospel-rock and she did the warped tour)…but seriously y’all need to do research before utting out articles

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    No Joan Jett? Seriously?

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    No Cristina Scabbia???

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      “most beautiful and talented women of rock ‘n’ roll”

      • RaginCajun

        Kill yourself.

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    No Miki Berenyi, Mary Fahl, Maryanne Marino, Debbie Harry, Susannah Hoffs or Toni Halliday? Puzzling.

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    Emma Anzai! Sexiest woman in rock ‘n’ roll no questions asked.

  • Timber56

    “with the arguably even more beautiful and talented, Nicole Fiorentino”
    Lol please.